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Advanced Geotechnical Soil Stabilization is a company that is dedicated to moving the science of soil stabilization forward.  We specialize in providing state-of-the-art solutions for swelling clays.  Instead of removing and replacing soil at great expense to your pocket book and the environment, we simply treat the problem soils at the molecular level with an ionic chemical soil stabilization process that is not only permanent, but also faster, less expensive and more environmentally friendly than the methods used in the past.  Why put a band-aid on it, when advances in science have made it possible to fix the actual problem…The soil?  Right?

  • Ionic clay soil stabilization is an excellent soil prep for new construction to replace select fill, lime treatment, moisture conditioning and other practices
  • Can eliminate the need for costly pier foundations and structural floors and allow for the use of the much more affordable spread footer/slab on grade construction
  • One of the only remedial solutions for existing structures that greatly reduces disruption to your home or facility by not requiring excavation
  • Does NOT pre-swell the clay soils (Evidenced by scientific research and the fact that it can be injected into expansive clay beneath existing structures without causing swelling)
  • Fast, cost effective, and PERMANENT
  • Improves soil compaction, reduces soil suction and improves overall strength
  • Does not cause sulphate heave as can be experienced when using lime
  • Products are safe for the environment and the application has a much smaller carbon footprint than other processes

Expansive clay soils have been called the “Hidden Disaster”.  Our solutions can be used to avoid this in the pre-construction stage and to address the problem soils even after construction.

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