Where & How To Use AGSS-ICS

Whether you are trying to avoid the costly issues caused by expansive clay soil or are dealing with them right now because they are doing damage to your home or structure, AGSS-ICS is the perfect solution.


Swell house illustration

There are a few different techniques for treating with AGSS-ICS.  Click below to see a slideshow demonstration of a:

Pre-Construction Mixing Operation

Remedial Solution For Existing Structures

Pre-Construction Injection Operation

The most crucial element to a successful and effective treatment with chemical ion stabilization is proper project evaluation and planning so that the proper amount of AGSS-ICS is used and that it permeates thoroughly throughout the entire specified treatment area.

  • AGSS-ICS will be applied to any project based on the specifics of the soil types and site conditions.
  • The first step in the process will be to evaluate the on site soil conditions by reviewing the geotechnical engineering report or by performing new tests.
  • Once the exact soil conditions are determined, we will work with the geotechnical engineer to receive their swell reduction specification which we will guarantee to meet.
  • After the swell specification is received and soil conditions are evaluated, we will prepare the final project scope and cost.

If you would like to have your project evaluated (free of charge), simply give us a call or fill in the information request form to the right.