Existing Structures

AGSS-ICS chemical soil treatment is the least invasive way to address issues with swelling soils beneath and around existing structures.  No excavation is required and because the chemical will effect the nature of the swelling soils on a molecular level, the treatment is permanent.  Ionic Chemical Stabilization with AGSS-ICS cannot always cause a relaxation of a swelled system and undo damage, but it can arrest the swelling and prevent further damage (Sometimes it does cause a small amount of relaxation, but there is no way to be sure so this is not guaranteed).  This means you should always act quickly when you or your engineer has diagnosed swelling clays.  If you are interested in detailed specifications about how this process or the others are carried out, simply fill in our request for information form to the right and we will be happy to email them to you.  

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Example of Pre & Post Treatment Elevations

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Pre-Construction Injection Operation

Pre-Construction Mixing Operation