Project Data

Because AGSS works with a swell reduction specification required by your geotechnical engineer and guarantees to meet it, there is much pre/post treatment data available.  This page will give you some examples and also includes data demonstrating strength increases and a reduction in the permeability to water of the treated clay soils.

The project described below was done on a large site and demonstrates impressive swell reduction results and continued reduction in swells over time due to the ability to perform testing at 3 days post-treatment and 21 days post-treatment.

Pre-Construction Mixing Example

This was a test project done to test the effectiveness of ionic chemical stabilization on stiff clays and claystone.  Pre-treatment swell potentials were as high as 11.8% and post-treatment test showed swells of less than 1/2%.

Lincoln Medical Mixing Operation – Claystone

This is a case study of a pre-construction injection operation on a excavated house pad.  The soils on the site were stiff and dry. Pre-treatment swell potentials were as high as 12%+ and post treatment results were well below the 2% average swell specification given by the geotechnical engineers.

Case Study Pre-Construction Injections

Simply put, ionic chemical stabilization has the ability to increase the strength of the clay soils because when the negative charges in the system are reduced or eliminated, each clay particle can now get closer to the next instead of pushing apart (like magnets of the same charge) as they naturally would because of their shared negative charges. This document will demonstrate some of the data available to demonstrate this including data from the above Lincoln Medical Project.

Strength Increase Data

Many studies have proven what field conditions show…Soils treated with ionic chemical stabilizers reduce the capillary action of the clay soil.  This simply means that the soil will be less permeable to water after treatment.

Reduction In Capillary Action Of Treated Soils

This is a project that was done on a home site in Wyoming is extremely stiff clays and claystone.

Porter Home Site WY