AGSS-ICS is an ionic clay stabilizer product that was developed to stabilize swelling clays by reducing the swell potential of the clays and also minimizing the shrinkage potential.  The chemical is either mixed or injected into the expansive clays (depending on site conditions) and a molecular change occurs through the process of isomorphic substitution and cation exchange within the clay lattice in the clay particle which greatly reduces or eliminates, on a permanent basis, the swell potential of the clay.  The ionic chemical treatment process has been used around the world and with lasting success on hundreds of millions of SF since the introduction of the technology in 1957.  The science of this is at the same time simple and complex.  If you would like in depth information about the effect of the chemical and how it is used in projects, simply fill in the information request form on this page and we will be happy to send you all of the case studies, data and research you can stand!

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AGSS-PPEC is a polymer emulsion that was developed to stabilize road and runway subgrade soils and unimproved roads.  AGSS-PPEC will increase the soil strength, modulus of resilience, and durability of road and runway subgrades.  Non paved roads will also have similar improvements to their subgrade soils plus a reduction in dust potential.  This product is also effective for stabilizing forest service roads, mine haulage roads, and construction projects.

More information coming on AGSS-PPEC soon!